British Embassy Doha

Project Date Location Country Category
British Embassy Doha 2008 Doha Qatar Diplomatic


Started: 2001
Completed: 2008
Client: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“…a very beautiful building, clean lines… I think a kind of architecture which is going to set the pace now for this new diplomatic zone in Doha“
Dr Kim Howells MP, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

This is the competition winning design for the new British Embassy in Qatar. The buildings provide a high quality civil design for the Chancellery, Consular, and Visa sections with their different access and security requirements, plus a new Ambassador’s Residence.

Jordan + Bateman was the design team leader in a new type of partnering agreement. The site changed three times during the design stage and the complex brief continued to be developed and changed by the stakeholders during the building process. The building was delivered on time and met the tight budget.

In conjunction with our Low Carbon Consultant, we provided real reductions in the amount of carbon used in the whole lifetime of the building. This has the additional advantage for our client of reducing the building’s running costs.dotted line
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