Letchworth Housing Design Competition

Project Date Location Country Category
Letchworth Housing – Design Competition 2009 Letchworth UK Residential


Started: 2009
Completed: 2009
Client: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation

Designing sustainable homes for the 21st century requires a new approach to both the planning, design and construction.

Although the Garden city movement prided itself on providing more space in which people could live, we now find that with increasing demand for residential space this is no longer feasible. Land prices have risen dramatically due to shortage of supply and increased demand so that it is important now to build to higher densities. The increase in demand for new homes is also putting pressure on the green belt and will have reduced the opportunities for the continuation of the garden city concept. It is therefore essential to come forward with a new concept to planning communities that provide much needed accommodation whilst providing the individual with the garden city experience.

This submission presents a completely new strategy to site planning, sustainability, design and procurement. It is a development from a series of studies carried out by us into Care Homes that we are developing throughout the UK at the current time. It is therefore not theory but a practical workable solution.
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