Yelaman Village

Project Date Location Country Category
Yelaman Village 2011 Buerjin China Masterplanning


Started: 2011
Completed: 2011
Client: Buerjing Local Government

The Yelaman Project, in the Altai Provence of North West China, aimed to create a new village that would celebrate the rich ethnic mix of the residential population of the area and be an attraction to the tourist. The new village would host ethnic festivals and activities, and provide an ethnic experience for the tourist and provide income and prosperity to the indigenous population.The built form was envisaged as being primarily single and 2 storey buildings consisting of administration and commercial building, tourist and recreational buildings and residential buildings for the indigenous families and for countryside bed and breakfast establishments.

The housing was designed to improve living standards Traditional styles and techniques were borrowed from, but developed and translated in a modern way.

The village was set out mixing single detached dwellings with semi detached houses, intended to maintain the vernacular and organic feel of the village.